Growth Made Simple

"Pay As You Sell" or "Pay Over Time" Inventory Funding

Funding Simplified 

We fit into the ordering process you already have. No need to change what works. 

Stocked Inventory

Designed to keep your shelfs stocked, allowing your business to grow faster. 

Pay As You Sell

Don't pay for products until they are sold. This makes cash managment much easier.

The Pay As You Sell wholesale program that's revolutionizing the way retailers purchase inventory

With limits available (up to $200,000 per location), the "Pay As You Sell" wholesale program eliminates two of the biggest hurdles retailers face:

1. Funding the product you need vs. the product you can afford.

2. Alleviating seasonal and fluctuating cash flow challenges by paying for the product as it sells.

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Pinogy Funding, 
Pioneering ways to help businesses grow.

Lost sales due to out of stocks cost small businesses billions of dollars each year.

Increase Credit Line

You credit line will increase as you grow, to make sure you always have the capital you need to succeed.

Full Shelves

Never have to decide between an empty shelf and some other expense again. Keep you shelves stocked and enjoy more sales.

Pay as You Sell

Payments are tied to when you sell the product, making cash management much easier.

The Pay As You Sell Benefits

Credit Your Goals

Access to $50,000 or more in funding through an easy application process.

Grow  your Business

Inventory funding helps level out cash flow inconsistencies so you can grow your business faster.

Great for New Product Lines

Bring in new lines of products, and only pay for them as they sell.

To find out how our
inventory funding can help you.

A specialist will reach out to discuss your personalized needs.

Pinogy Funding Customers 

PV Pet Store
Pennsville, NJ

We had recently had Pinogy do a complete overhaul of all of retail services and we were quite impressed by the level of professionalism, ease of use and timely manner that they answered all of our questions. Would highly recommend.

John and Rob Mellace
Pet Express Boston

Pinogy's Inventory Funding has allowed us to open additional locations and grow our business.

Doug Staley
Pet Palace of New City

Finally! Someone has got it right! An inventory funding solution that has been created by a group of people who understands the unique needs of an independent pet store. Brilliant!